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Early Chinese History: The Hundred Schools Period

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By Lehn Huff and Clayton Dube
Los Angeles, CA:
University of California,
National Center for History in the Schools, 1995
66 pages
Annotated bibliography

Early Chinese History is a component unit in a series of lessons designed by the National Center for History in the Schools, and is intended for use in grades nine through twelve. The unit contains background information for teachers, including a very clear summary of Romanization, a pronunciation guide, a chronology of early Chinese history, a succinct and well-written narrative of the historical background, and general introductory information on the schools of thought represented in the package. The unit revolves around a very judiciously chosen collection of primary source excerpts, including selections from the Confucian Analects, Lao Zi, Mencius, Xun Zi, Mo Zi, and Zhunag Zi, The Book of Lord Shang, and Han Fei Zi. Suggestions for collaborative learning units, topics for discussion, and other activities accompany the texts, and are intended to develop an appreciation of the nature of the historian’s craft.