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Dr. Seuss and Japan, December 1941

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Between January 30, 1941 and January 5, 1943, Dr. Seuss (Theodor Seuss Geisel, 1904–1991) drew over 400 editorial cartoons for the New York newspaper PM. They covered the waterfront of issues of the day. PM and Dr. Seuss favored American intervention in the war in Europe, fought the domestic opponents of intervention (notably Charles A. Lindbergh), battled antiSemitism and anti-black racism, and attacked Congressional attempts to roll back the New Deal. Once the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor pulled the U.S. formally into the war, PM and Dr. Seuss sought to mobilize the nation to fight the war. Four hundred cartoons in less than two calendar years—it was a truly massive output, and it has been virtually forgotten since 1943. Even devoted fans of Dr. Seuss know little about the cartoons, and only a few of the cartoons have ever been reprinted.

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