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Developing a Resource Guide ASIA IN CONNECTICUT: A Catalogue of Asian Resources in Connecticut and Environs

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By Colleen A. Kelly and Bruce J. Esposito

Asia in Connecticut was developed as a resource guide for educators at all academic levels. The first edition of this directory, originally published by the University of Connecticut, appeared in 1980.1 The second edition is completely revised to reflect current technologies and methodologies in research and communication. It was designed as a user friendly reference for Asian studies in Connecticut and neighboring states. From the beginning of the second edition, we hoped that other regions of the country would develop similar guides to assist teachers to locate available resources.

By discussing Asia in Connecticut we intend to provide an outline which may be adapted for other regions. This essay on Asia in Connecticut is intended to both inform Northeastern teachers about this resource and to stimulate educators in other regions to develop similar directories.

Financial support for developing the second edition of Asia in Connecticut came from the Council of Conferences of the Association for Asian Studies. The COC offers regional grants annually. Assistance in research, typing and publication was provided by the University of Hartford and by individual scholars interested in the project. The original distribution of the volume was to teachers attending the Committee on Teaching Asia sessions at the regional meeting of the New England Association for Asian Studies.