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Daughter of the Ganges, A Memoir

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In this sensitive memoir, a young woman, who had been adopted at age seven from a Bombay (Mumbai) orphanage and raised in Barcelona, made two return trips to discover and bond with her past, including with relatives she did not even know she had. Her experiences revealed strong ties with both families, Spanish and Indian, and provide for the reader insights into the similarities and differences between the cultures. She learns that although her physical characteristics are Indian, her “demeanor has been Westernized.” Objectively discerning, she yet has intense feelings; sentimental to a degree, she channels her emotions into an appreciation for similarities and differences between her two heritages. Because of this quality, the human essence of sameness and difference between cultures, this book can be a rewarding experience for the student. Beyond that, there is an almost haunting quality to the narrator’s feelings and presentation. It is a good read.