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China, Global History, and the Sea: Case Study

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Front piece: The Defeat of the Mongol Invasion Fleet

Kamikaze, the ‘Divine Wind’
The Mongol Continental Vision Turns Maritime

Mongol Naval Successes Against the Southern Song

Korea’s Historic Place in Asian Geopolitics

Ancient Pattern: The Korean Three Kingdoms Period

Mongol Subjugation of Korea

Mongol Invasions of Japan

First Mongol Invasion of Japan, 1274
Second Mongol Invasion of Japan, 1281
Mongol Support for Maritime Commerce

Reflections on the Mongol Maritime Experience

Maritime Strategic and Tactical Lessons
Limits on Mongol Expansion at Sea

Text and Visual Source Evidence

T 1: Marco Polo on Kublai’s Decision to Invade Japan with Storm Description
T 2: Japanese Traditional Song: The Mongol Invasion of Japan
Visual Sources
VS 1: Mongol Scroll: 1274 Invasion Battle Scene
VS 2: Mongol bomb shells: earliest examples of explosive weapons from an archaeological site

Selected Reading for Further Study


Map 1: The Mongol Empire by 1279 Showing Attempted Mongol Conquests by Sea
Map 2: Three Kingdoms Korea, Battle of Baekgang, 663
Map 3: Mongol Invasions of Japan, 1274 and 1281
Map 4: Hakata Bay Battles 1274 and 1281
Map 5: Takashima Bay Battle 1281