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China, Global History, and the Sea: Case Study Guide

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Decision Point Questions:

The following six “Decision Point Questions” (DPQs) span the Mongol actions from 1270 through 1286 in a continuum. Case 1, the initial decision to invade, and Case 6, regarding a hypothetical third invasion, are both big strategic questions. The other DPQs chronologically in between are more operational and tactical, providing a strong DPQ mix for consideration.

Case 1 The Mongol decision whether or not to invade Japan (1270)

Case 2 Decision to abandon Hakata Bay (1274)

Case 3 Song capabilities enhance Mongol capacity at sea (1279)

Case 4 Mongol intelligence collection and analysis (1275–1280)

Case 5 Rendezvous of the Mongol fleets in Imari Bay (1281)

Case 6 Possibility of a Third Mongol Invasion (1283–1286)