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Audio and Performance Samples to accompany the feature article “A Tour of Music Cultures in South Asia: Classical and Devotional Music”

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Listed below are the audio and performance examples of the music discussed in “A Tour of Music Cultures in South Asia” from the Spring 2013 (vol. 18, no. 1) issue of Education About Asia.

A Lady Playing the Tanpura, ca. 1735 India (Kishangarh). Source: Wikipedia Commons,

Link 1: Khyāl Ustad Rashid Khan–Raag Hansadhwani

Link 2: Dhrupad Uday Bhawalkar, Dhrupad Mela Varanasi

Link 3: Kriti, Unnikrishnan-Hamsanadam-Bantu Riti

Link 4: Karnatak vīna Jayanthi Kumaresh

Link 5: Imdad Khan, sitar Sohini Qawwali, 1904

Link 6: Inayat Khan: sitār, Gat in Raag Bihari

Link 7: Vilayat Khan

Link 8: MS Subbulakshmi

Link 9: Bhajan: Acharya Gaurav Krishna

Link 10 : Bhajan: Anup Jalota

Link 11: Qawwālī : Mehfil-e sama’ at the shrine of Haji Waris Ali Ahah

Link 12: Qawwālī : Sabri Brothers

Link 13: Qawwālī: Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Link 14: Sufi Ensemble: Wayee at the Shrine of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai

Link 15: Sufi drumming: Pappu Sain

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