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Access Asia: 3 Volumes

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Impressions (lower secondary)
49 PAGES, ISBN 1-86366-415-7
Reflections (middle secondary)
66 PAGES, ISBN 1-86366-416-5
Dimensions (upper secondary)

81 PAGES, ISBN 1-86366-417-3
By Anthony Bott, Lee Grafton, Carolyn Millard and Doug Trevaskis

The Access Asia project has produced a new trilogy for lower (Impressions), middle (Reflections) and upper (Dimensions) secondary school students. These volumes, dealing with Asian themes, represent a timely resource. With cultural studies back on the school curriculum and interest in other cultures at an all-time high, the publication of these books is particularly welcome. They will be useful to teachers of Asian studies, languages other than English, and English as a second language, as well as to the English teacher.