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Columns, Resources

The ASIANetwork: A Consortium of Liberal Arts Colleges to Promote Asian Studies

In the beginning. the purpose of the ASIANetwork was simple enough. Since the end of the Second World War, contacts with and interest in Asian affairs had burgeoned. and a corresponding expansion of positions in higher education ensured that Asian Studies would reach into the domain of private liberal arts colleges....

Columns, Film Review

Struggle and Success: The African-American Experience in Japan

Are you a young African-American professional who would like to go to Japan for an extended stay? Are you anxious about how you will be received and how well you will be able to function once you get there? If you answered yes to these questions. then you should watch Regge Life's Struggle and Success: The African-American Experience in Japan. ...

Columns, Resources

In a Teacher’s Cyber-Lounge: The Emergence of H-ASIA

Recognizing the dilemma, you walk toward your "cyberspace" Asian Studies teacher's lounge knowing that at any hour of the day or night you will be able to submit a question or concern to professional colleagues all over the world. People ranging from graduate student to the leading scholars in your tielcl will see your question and comment... Well, that is precisely what has been going on for the last twenty months within H-ASIA. an electronic international Asian Studies forum....

EAA Interview

Teaching the Trade War

To help provide material, f'or classroom discussion of these issues. Education About Asia has asked two experts to comment. In the first interview. Associate Editor Peter Frost discusses the U.S.-Japan trade problem with his sister. Ellen Frost. former coun~elnr to U.S. Trade Representative Mickey Kantor. In the second interview, Education About Asia Editor Lucien Ellington discusses the trade problem with Professor Kiyoshi Kawahito....

Book Review, Columns

The Columbia Project on Asia in the Core Curriculum: Case Studies in the Social Sciences–A Guide for Teaching

Myron L. Cohen's volume, Case Studies in the Social Sciences: A Guide for Teaching, is the first of three projected volumes published in the series The Columbia Project on Asia in the Core Curriculum. A second volume on literature has also been published, and a third, on history, is in its final stages of preparation. According to Roberta Martin, the Core Curriculum Project Director, the major objective of the editors and writers of these volumes was to"identify themes, texts, and comparative...

Feature Article

Historical Inquiry and the Public Memory

With the the controversy created by the Enola Gay exhibit at the Smithsonian illustrated the deep division between the public memory and prevailing patterns of historical scholarship. New levels of inquiry suggest ways in which those of us who teach about the bomb might try to bridge the gap....

Feature Article

Beyond Us and the Other: Standards for Mainstreaming Asia

When Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, an ardent Cold War warrior, asked Prime Minister Nehru, "Are you with us or against us?" Nehru is reported to have answered, "Yes." In the same vein, if asked, ''Do you support National Standards for World History or do you think it is too encyclopedic?" we might reply, "Of course." Let's steer questions about Standards away from simplistic judgments and consider how this document removes Asia from the invidious category Eric Wolf calls "peoples withou...

Feature Article


Traditional historical approaches to the study of Asia, or to parts of Asia, have become increasingly problematical. 1 To the long-standing questions that all Asianists face-How can I bring to life what are often for students quite alien cultural forms?--has been added a cluster of new ones....

Columns, Resources

Media Materials for Education About Japan and Asia

For more than 25 years. Earlham has maintained a major lending library of media materials on Japan. Some of the films have Jaanese language soundtracks. Others with an English track provide a visual record of Japan's postwar development. Many introduce various facets of Jupanese history and culture....

Feature Article

Asia in the Core Curriculum

Today no one doubts the importance of Asia in world affairs, or questions the need to give it a larger place in American education. Indeed, the great expansion of Asian studies since World War II testifies to the increased awareness of this need. For the most part, however, this expansion has taken the form of elective programs in Asian studies for students majoring in one or another area or disciplinary field. Little headway has been made in reaching the great majority of American students thro...

Columns, Resources

Web Gleanings: Japan and the Internet

It was only a few years ago that the Internet was solely the domain of scientists, academics. and others wishing to exchange often arcane information with others in their community. No longer is this so: the lnternet, long unknown to the general public, has made inroads into virtually every area of our lives. And with the emergence of the World Wide Web, commerce and industry have begun to take advantage of this powerful form of communication. In this context. too, the sites on the Internet whe...