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Book Review Essay, Resources

Japanese Education in an Era of Globalization: Culture, Politics, and Equity

Gary DeCoker and Christopher Bjork (Editors) New York: Teachers College Press, 2013 224 pages, ISBN: 978-0807754238, Paperback Reviewed by W. Lawrence Neuman This eleven-chapter book grew from a series of meetings after the launch of the Japan Special Interest Group in the Comparative and International Education Society in 2007. It documents educational changes in Japan since the 1990 burst of their “Bubble Economy” and the onset of nearly two decades of recession. The editors highlight ...

Online Supplement, Resources

Key Issues in Asian Studies: East Asian Societies

Editor’s note: Authors of the two most recent Key Issues in Asian Studies have each contributed an essay about their volume. For more information about this pedagogical resource, visit Few students approach their study of Asia with a blank slate; rather, most start with a mixture of stereotypes, misconceptions, and fragments of accurate information. East Asian Societies attempts to convey the excitement and significance of East Asia to American te...

Book Review Essay, Resources

Global Goes Local: Popular Culture in Asia

EDITED BY TIMOTHY CRAIG AND RICHARD KING HONOLULU: UNIVERSITY OF HAWAII PRESS, 2002 320 PAGES. PAPERBACK: ISBN 0-8248-2611-6 Reviewed by W. Lawrence Neuman Teaching Western undergraduates or other students who have very little background on Asia can be a daunting task. First, one must combat simplified stereotypes and myths to convey the great diversity/complexity of Asia. More significantly, teachers often find it difficult to discuss one specific issue detached from an entire interwoven we...

Book Review, Columns

Japan Pop! Inside the World of Japanese Popular Culture

Teachers often discover that their students are attuned to the latest trends in popular culture more than to their academic studies. By examining Japan’s popular culture, they can capitalize on this student interest, help their students to reflect on cultural concerns, and teach about contemporary Japan. Students will see that Japan has more than ninja, geisha, and samurai. There are also pop star idols, jazz musicians, and salariman. Although sumo, the tea ceremony, and cherry blossom viewing...

Book Review, Resources

Learning in Likely Places: Varieties of Apprenticeship in Japan

Edited by John Singleton NEW YORK: CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS, 1998 400 PAGES Reviewed by W. Lawrence Neuman Learning in Likely Places is a collection of nineteen essays (plus an introduction and epilogue) from a 1993 invitational workshop on apprenticeship education in Japan and is part of the Cambridge University Press “Learning in Doing” series. The book explores social relations at places of work/play and their influence on learning; essays divided into four sections: traditional art...

Book Review, Columns

A Lateral View: Essays on Culture and Style in Contemporary Japan

Most English-speaking travelers to Japan have probably encountered Donald Richie’s writings. Some of his other books include Taste of Japan, The Japanese Tattoo,  Japanese Cinema, Japanese Film, Films of Akira Kurosawa, Introducing Japan, Introducing Tokyo, The Temples of Kyoto, Geisha, Gangster, Neighbor and Nun, and Public People, Private People. A past film curator at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, Richie has lived in Japan for forty-five years. As someone who lives in two cultures,...

Film Review Essay, Resources

Osaka Story

BY TOICHI NAKATA FIRST RUN/ICARUS FILMS 153 WAVERLY PLACE NEW YORK, NY 10014 1994. 75 MINUTES/COLOR This documentary traces the return visit of a Japanese Korean filmmaker in his thirties to his family in Osaka after a three-year absence to study in the United Kingdom. It has been shown at the 1994 Margaret Mead Film Festival and 1995 New York Asian American Film Festival, and it won the Gold Hugo at the 1994 Chicago Film Festival.  ...