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Film Review Essay

Tug of War: The Story of Taiwan

PRODUCED AND DIRECTED BY JUDITH VECCHIONE DISTRIBUTED BY WGBH EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION AND WGBH BOSTON VIDEO VHS, 87 MINUTES, COLOR, 1998 IN ENGLISH AND CHINESE Reviewed by Vincent Kelly Pollard The geographic separation imposed by the Taiwan Strait is also political. Judith Vecchione’s Tug of War: The Story of Taiwan helps students understand that the question “Who should rule Taiwan?” is not settled. Sequences from this video have enhanced student learning in three of my introductory...

Film Review Essay

Ripples of Change: Japanese Women’s Search for Self

PRODUCED, WRITTEN AND DIRECTED BY NANAKO KURIHARA COLOR, 16 MM/VHS, 57 MINUTES, 1993 IN ENGLISH AND SUBTITLED JAPANESE WOMEN MAKE MOVIES, INC. 462 BROADWAY, SUITE 500W NEW YORK, NY 10013 Viewing films about Asian social movements helps students recognize early indicators of emerging issues, and assists them to understand how relatively weak social forces can stimulate change against powerful resistance. As the movement against the Vietnam War challenged authority in Ja...

Columns, Film Review

The Golf War: A Story of Land, Golf, and Revolution

The genteel game of golf kills Filipinos! To oppose powerful developers intent on converting farmland and fishing areas in the Philippines into golf-course-enhanced tourist attractions is to risk life and limb. Politicized violence from the government and private armies (“guns, goons and gold”) are all too familiar in the Philippines and other late-industrializing countries. In this well-framed case study, carefully documented corrupt land deals stretch from local government in Hacienda Looc...

Book Review, Resources

Pacific Passage: The Study of American-East Asian Relations on the Eve of the Twenty-First Century

Can debates over the “research agenda” of American and Asian historians of U.S. relations with East and Southeast Asian countries stimulate college students’ critical thinking skills? Yes! Lively reviews of trends in transregional historiography can support the learning objectives of upper-division international history, comparative foreign policy, or Vietnam War courses. Discussions and debates outlined in Pacific Passage: The Study of American-East Asian Relations on the Eve of the Twent...