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Feature Article

The New Mongolia: From Gold Rush to Climate Change

For decades, it was common for courses on East Asia to focus almost exclusively on China and Japan, with only an occasional nod to the existence of either Korea or Mongolia. And if Korea was little spoken of, Mongolia hardly seemed to exist at all. Today, of course, coverage of Korea has expanded somewhat, but Mongolia still remains the largely forgotten orphan of Asian Studies, something I hope to change through this essay. In fact, today’s Mongolia has emerged as a nation particularly linked...

Feature Article

Asia and the Climate Crisis

[caption id="attachment_16358" align="aligncenter" width="572"] Smoke is seen emitting from chimneys at plants on the bank of Songhua river in Jilin City, northeast China’s Jilin Province, November 2009. ©2010 Imaginechina.[/caption] If life were fair, Asia would not have to deal with the climate crisis at all. After all, its population per capita emits significantly less greenhouse enhancing gases like carbon dioxide than the Western countries. Moreover, despite recent growth, it has not ...

Book Review, Columns

The Making of Modern Tibet (Revised Edition)

For those who like their enemies pure and their heroes appropriately sainted, A. Tom Grunfeld’s revised The Making of Modern Tibet will probably disappoint. Though Grunfeld has taken on a subject that has been almost completely polarized by the one-sided imagery projected by either the Chinese government or the Tibetan exile community and its many Western supporters, Professor Grunfeld has not chosen sides. Rather, Grunfeld has worked diligently to offer as balanced a treatment as possible, an...

Columns, Resources

In a Teacher’s Cyber-Lounge: The Emergence of H-ASIA

Recognizing the dilemma, you walk toward your "cyberspace" Asian Studies teacher's lounge knowing that at any hour of the day or night you will be able to submit a question or concern to professional colleagues all over the world. People ranging from graduate student to the leading scholars in your tielcl will see your question and comment... Well, that is precisely what has been going on for the last twenty months within H-ASIA. an electronic international Asian Studies forum....