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Book Review, Resources

History in Three Keys: The Boxers as Event, Experience, and Myth

The Boxer Uprising is one of the few events of modern Chinese history to have become an enduring part of popular mythology, in the West as well as in China. Some of us are old enough to remember David Niven and Charlton Heston defending Western civilization from Boxer hordes in 55 Days in Peking, a 1963 film reflecting the demonization of what we then called Red China. Recently, at the urging of one of my students, I read Neal Stephenson’s 1995 science fiction novel The Diamond Age, in which t...

Book Review, Resources

The Final Confrontation: Japan’s Negotiations with the United States, 1941

VOL. 5 OF JAPAN’S ROAD TO THE PACIFIC WAR EDITED BY JAMES WILLIAM MORLEY TRANSLATED BY DAVID A. TITUS STUDIES OF THE EAST ASIAN INSTITUTE NEW YORK: COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY PRESS, 1994 XXXVIII, + 437 PAGES When I ask my students why Japan and the United States went to war in 1941, the answer I sometimes get is “because Japan attacked Pearl Harbor.” This is not a satisfactory answer, of course, and one of my tasks is to show why the war began. My own understanding of this problem has bee...