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Essay, Resources

Elgin Heinz Winners Teaching Ideas

from Patience Berkman The Doctor’s Wife by Ariyoshi Sawako URL: This moving historical novel tells the story of Seishu Hanaoka (1760– 1835), a Japanese physician who specialized in breast cancer and pioneered the use of general anesthetics in surgery. The novel focuses on the courageous wife and domineering mother of this surgeon and personalizes the story. I highly recommend this novel for high school students. from Patricia Burleson Hiroshima Peace Site:...

Essay, Resources

Japan Matters: Promoting World Peace through Education, Science, and International Partnerships

Headlines in 2011 have trumpeted China bypassing Japan as the second-largest economy in the world. Japan’s move to number three was not surprising, nor should it be alarming. What is remarkable is that Japan, with limited resources, smaller than the state of California, maintained a position of economic dominance for so long. After the devastating earthquake and tsunami, Japan, far from being in free-fall, continues to be a committed and adept global player in many respects. There are numerous...

Columns, Essay

Behind the Headlines Suggestions for Teaching about Japan and Asia

Superb materials on Asia await the motivated teacher/learner. Following introductory suggestions, topics that can serve as “points of connection” for humanities and social science courses are listed. GETTING STARTED Attend National Consortium for Teaching About Asia (NCTA) seminars, now available in 44 states. Participants receive 30 hours of instruction, $500 in free materials, $500 stipends, and build a network of colleagues and experts (

Book Review, Columns

A Voice of Her Own: Women and Economic Change in Asia

Where do women fit into the pattern of rapid economic change in Southeast Asia, where traditional values, illiteracy and enormous poverty weigh heavily against new prosperity and increased opportunity? What share of the proceeds do women receive in this region where they have been called “the speechless ones” and where “ . . . poverty wears a woman’s face”?...

Feature Article

The Three Gorges: Dam Energy, the Environment, and the New Emperors

The Three Gorges Dam Project under construction on the Yangtze River in the People’s Republic of China offers geographers and educators a topic of global significance, a wealth of accessible resources and plentiful opportunities for developing geographic literacy....

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