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Columns, Film Review Essay

The Story of India

WRITTEN AND PRESENTED BY MICHAEL WOOD DIRECTED BY JEREMY JEFF MAYA VISIONS INTERNATIONAL, 2009 360 MINUTES ON 2 DISCS, DVD Reviewed by Marc Jason Gilbert [caption id="attachment_20779" align="alignleft" width="313"] Screen shot of an opening scene from The Story of India. ©2008 Maya Vision International, Ltd.[/caption] For almost two decades, celebrity anthropologist Michael Wood has developed lavishly produced video documentaries exploring the world’s civilizations. In each, the slen...

Feature Article

Chinese Tea in World History

Second today only to water as the world’s most consumed beverage, tea comes in many forms and has many sources. The four Chinese teas processed from the Camilla sinensis plant—green, white, black, and oolong —have played so long and so great a role in world history that it is possible to say that no other commodity is more revealing of the global human experience. Indeed, long before oil assumed the title, tea was the world’s “black gold.” Unlike oil, tea is a renewable resource. The...

Book Review Essay, Resources

Through Indian Eyes; 5th Edition

BY DONALD J. JOHNSON AND JEAN E. JOHNSON NEW YORK: THE APEX PRESS, 2008 352 PAGES, ISBN: 0-938960-55-5, PAPERBACK Reviewed by Marc Gilbert The most important criteria for selecting classroom materials that support teaching a subject as diverse and complex as Indian civilization should be the degree to which they offer a coherent vision of their subject. A lack of vision may undermine student confidence, and may hinder their ability to examine complexities that lie beneath the “big pict...

Feature Article

Admiral Yi Sun–Shin, the Turtle Ships, and Modern Asian History

Though little-known in the West, Korean Admiral Yi Sun-Shin (1545–1598) is a major figure in Korean and Japanese history. His technological and strategic innovations sparked a revolution in Asian naval warfare and initiated both the “modern” naval force and style of combat. These innovations helped Korea repel a series of Japanese invasions from 1592 to 1598, paving the way for more than 250 years of Japanese semi-isolation from world affairs. The ultimate adoption of Yi’s ideas by the d...

Film Review Essay, Resources

Kim’s Story: The Road from Vietnam

Kim’s Story: The Road from Vietnam is a moving exploration of the human cost of war. It is sufficiently free of cant and broad enough in focus to be of use in a variety of classroom settings, though it will prove most useful for courses at the secondary level and above that address the Second Indochina War or examine the relationship between women and war. The film opens with a graphic documentation of an air strike on a village in Vietnam west of Saigon in 1972. The montage resolves into an i...