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Book Review, Resources

The Japanese Model of Schooling: Comparisons with the United States

NEW YORK: ROUTLEDGE FALMER, 2001 190 PAGES + APPENDIX + BIBLIOGRAPHY + INDEX HARDCOVER, ISBN: 0815336411 Reviewed by Jon Zeljo Since the American Occupation of Japan (1945– 52), international recognition of Japanese education has grown tremendously. The academic success and discipline of Japanese students have warranted further investigation into the Japanese education system and deemed it a worthy model. Yet, as Ryoko Tsuneyoshi, author of The Japanese Model of Schooling, submits, Japanes...

Film Review Essay

Sadhus: India’s Holy Men

(3 films) The Rolling Saint (52 min.) The Living God (52 min.) Living with the Dead (52 min.) 1995. VHS. Color. A Bedi Films/Denis Whyte Films Production for BBC TV Produced by Denis Whyte Canal Plus, Premiere; Multicultural Programmes Department, BBC How would your students respond to dramatic images of a man who, after standing in place for seven years, rolls his body 2,500 miles through busy streets, over rough roads, and up mountains ...

Book Review

Understanding Japan: Japanese Education

According to Professor Katsuta Shuichi, the primary author of this concise but concentrated overview of Japanese education, the main objective of this work is to inform others of Japan and the Japanese education system. The authors also hope to offer some support to those countries beginning educational modernization in anticipation of economic and technical development. Although this latter goal may be somewhat ambitious for ninety-one pages, the booklet does offer an excellent survey of the hi...