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On the Road with the Red God Macchendranath

Filmmaker Kesang Testen, a citizen of Nepal, has created a magnificently choreographed depiction of a twelve-year Newari festival. The Newari are the indigenous group of the Kathmandu Valley. The festival is said to have been observed in the Kathmandu Valley for a millennium. During the festival, a chariot (ratha, a flat platform on four huge wheels) bearing the red god Macchendranath goes on the road between the towns of Bungamati (near Kathmandu) and Patan, with stops in between. This festival...

Columns, Resources

Online Music Resources for Teaching Silk Road History and Geography

Like a good story, music has the power to transport us to a different time and place. A music listening activity is a fun way to engage students in an exploration of geography and history, and fits especially well into a Silk Road unit emphasizing long-distance trade and cross-cultural interactions. Orienting students in Silk Road geography makes for a good starting point before embarking upon a journey through the vast, complex cultural and historical territory of the Silk Road. The Electronic ...


Kutiyattam: Sanskrit Theater of India (A CD-ROM)

By Farley Richmond Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 2002. Web site: Phone: 800-621-2736 This multimedia, interactive CD-ROM is a visually rich and appealing survey of the ancient South Indian theater of kutiyattam, associated with temples and religious ritual since the tenth century CE Special temple servant castes produce the dance-story performances that are considered to be visual sacrifices to the temple deity. The main musical instruments are a special kind...

Book Review, Resources

Mondays on the Dark Night of the Moon: Himalayan Foothill Folktales

Kirin Narayan, in collaboration with Urmila Devi Sood NEW YORK, OXFORD: OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS,1997 336 PAGES Reviewed by Joanna Kirkpatrick Teachers of Indian Studies in grades 11 through undergraduate will do well to look closely at this book. It offers accessible riches for the curious, peer-oriented student as well as for more academic readers. The author worked closely with her Himalayan Kangra story teller, Urmila, to gain insight into her ideas and interpretations. Thus, she has warm...

Book Review, Resources

China for Women

EDITED BY THE FEMINIST PRESS TRAVEL SERIES TRAVEL AND CULTURE NEW YORK: FEMINIST PRESS OF THE CITY UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK, 1995 XV + 357 PAGES (PAPER) Reviewed by Joanna Kirkpatrick This book is just a marvelous read for anyone. Secondary school and collegiate audiences will find it pleasantly  accessible both in style and content. The editors divided the material into four parts: Part One on History and Politics; Part Two on Contemporary Life; Part Three on Women Today; Part Four on Land...