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Feature Article

Becoming a Junzi: Background of Interpersonal Communication in China

Wimal Dissanayake, who created a foundation for the Asiacentric model of communication studies, maintains that Asian classical texts constitute a storehouse of communication concepts and propositions that have yet to be mined for understanding the way Chinese communicate. “Asian countries...have produced rich and complex civilizations that have grown over the centuries and no civilization is possible without a vigorous system of communication.” Before sampling those classical texts for clues...

Columns, Curriculum Materials Review

Korea: Lessons for High School Social Studies Courses

CONTENT This curriculum package contains 12 lesson plans on Korea, covering history, literature, geography, economics, women’s issues, and reunification, as well as useful appendices featuring a time line, extensive bibliography, maps, and web sites. The specific multi-page lesson plans, many with primary sources, are: 1. Five National Treasures (presenting Korean contributions to culture) 2. Historical Overview (interaction between Korea and her neighbors over time) 3. Korea’s ...

Columns, Curriculum Materials Review

Korea Folk Art Festival: A CD-ROM

The Korea Folk Art Festival is held annually in the Republic of Korea so that the folk arts might not be lost to posterity. Handing down these lively arts, imbued with the wisdom and spirit of ancestors, is essential to preserving the long history of the Korean people. The folk arts are the very distillation of the people’s ethos and culture. The folk arts created a multifaceted culture against the background of the natural environment and living customs. Farmers’ arts were formulated in ...

Film Review Essay, Resources

Korean Americans

This video explores the immigrant experience of Korean Americans and the challenges they face in adjusting to America. Compelling images of the Los Angeles riot and racist acts are the loom framing some of the problems confronting Koreans in the U.S. The viewer experiences the complex fabric woven of the warp and weft of narratives by five Koreans who immigrated to the U.S.