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Feature Article

China 1905–1908: Harrison Sacket Elliott’s Letters and Photographs

Harrison Sacket Elliott While a student at Ohio Wesleyan, Harrison Elliott served as secretary to President J. W. Bashford. When Bashford became the Bishop in charge of the Methodist Church’s work in China, he asked twenty-two-year-old Elliott to accompany him on his inspection tours of China and serve as his stenographer. Between 1905 and 1908, Elliott helped organize the Bishop’s trips, took charge of all his correspondence, and detailed their experiences in several hundred photographs ta...

Feature Article

Using “Monkey” to Teach Religions of China

Like most classics of literature, Journey to the West (also known as Monkey, after its main character, the wondrous Monkey King) can be read on many levels. Besides being a tale of epic adventure on the scale of Star Wars or the Lord of the Rings, Monkey has been read as political and religious satire, as allegory, and as fantastical historical fiction. In this essay we will undertake a journey to discover what Monkey can reveal about Chinese religion. First, we will show bow, in the early chapt...

EAA Interview, Feature Article

INTEGRATING ASIA INTO WORLD HISTORY: Perspectives from Three Pre-college Teachers

World history is increasingly being included in numerous state and district curriculum standards. The EAA guest editors invited three teachers to discuss their experiences and insights on how best to integrate Asia in a world history course. Alison Kaminsky, who holds a master’s degree in Asian Studies, teaches at a middle school in Long Beach, California and is also a mentor teacher in her district. Her school follows the California frameworks where world history is taught in the sixth, seven...

Feature Article

Beyond Us and the Other: Standards for Mainstreaming Asia

When Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, an ardent Cold War warrior, asked Prime Minister Nehru, "Are you with us or against us?" Nehru is reported to have answered, "Yes." In the same vein, if asked, ''Do you support National Standards for World History or do you think it is too encyclopedic?" we might reply, "Of course." Let's steer questions about Standards away from simplistic judgments and consider how this document removes Asia from the invidious category Eric Wolf calls "peoples withou...