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Book Review, Resources

Modern Japan: A Historical Survey (Fifth Edition)

BY MIKISO HANE AND LOUIS G. PEREZ BOULDER: WESTVIEW PRESS, 2013 608 PAGES, ISBN 978-0813346946, PAPERBACK Reviewed by Jason Morgan Revisiting this classic textbook in its fifth edition, I am reminded of how well the late Mikiso Hane and, now, Louis Perez have told the complex story of modern Japan. Throughout this volume’s long life (the first edition, by Hane, appeared in 1986), critics have rightly focused on the way in which people—both high and lowborn, insiders and the marginalized...

Book Review, Resources

Modern Japan: A Historical Survey (Fourth Edition)

BY MIKISO HANE AND LOUIS G. PEREZ BOULDER: WESTVIEW PRESS, 2009 578 PAGES, ISBN 978-0-8133-4409-6, PAPERBACK Reviewed by Jason Morgan History teachers at all levels are always looking for solid bits of information that they can use in their lectures in order to shore up the essentially narrative structure of history instruction. If this premise is true, then Mikiso Hane and Louis G. Perez’s Modern Japan: A Historical Survey (Fourth Edition), a treasure trove of figures and facts, will beco...