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Book Review Essay, Resources

Gender, Sexuality, and Body Politics in Modern Asia: Key Issues in Asian Studies, No. 1

This informative booklet by Michael G. Peletz, Gender, Sexuality, and Body Politics in Modern Asia, can serve as the model for this Association for Asian Studies series. An accessible, well-argued text, the booklet will aid instructors in taking up sensitive and often controversial issues in their undergraduate and advanced high school classrooms. Most importantly, students will learn that sexuality, gender, and body politics are not fixed, not somehow “more natural” in one location than ano...

Book Review, Resources

The Accidental Office Lady

By Laura Kriska RUTLAND, VERMONT AND TOKYO, JAPAN CHARLES E. TUTTLE COMPANY, 1997 303 PAGES Reviewed by Jan Bardsley Much recent scholarship about the lives of Japanese women has focused on their working conditions, with particular concern paid to their rights in the corporate world. As almost one-third of young Japanese women take clerical positions of some sort, much of this attention has concentrated upon the “Office Lady” or OL. The Accidental Office Lady provides yet another view o...

Columns, Essay

Introducing Computer Technologies to Asian Languages Programs

Computer technology has become integral to all aspects of college life today, offering an important tool for coordinating, publicizing, and teaching in every kind of campus program. Far from being an exception to this rule, foreign language programs are often in the forefront of employing innovative methods to integrate computer technologies into the classroom. While Asian language instructors, too, are developing effective means for using computer technologies, our efforts are often hampered by...

Essay, Resources

Feminist Resources for Teaching about Japanese and South Korean Women

A keen interest in building women’s networks at local, national, and international levels continues to inspire feminist activity in both Japan and South Korea. Centers for Women’s Studies, activist movements, and feminist research programs are numerous and varied in both countries. Education About Asia readers may easily gain information about much of the latest feminist activity and research through the national women’s centers in Japan and South Korea. The Korean Women’s Developm...

Essay, Resources

Teaching and Interpreting the Works of Kurosawa Akira

Few Japanese artists have won the international attention and critical acclaim enjoyed by filmmaker Kurosawa Akira (b. 1910). His films span a career of over fifty years, and whether framed as period pieces or modern dramas, explore the elusive topography of self and society. The popularity of his films has led to their wide availability on video with English subtitles, and stimulated many books and essays of critical interpretations. This essay will present a brief introduction to Kurosawa’s ...