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Film Review Essay, Resources

The Written Face

The Written Face is a poetic meditation on femininity as seen through the world of Japanese performing arts. In the traditional performing art of kabuki, men play all of the roles, male as well as female. The male kabuki actors who play female parts (onnagata), have often created idealized female characters on stage. It is this idealized femininity that the film addresses.

Essay, Resources

Literature on Japan for Elementary and Middle School Students

Many excellent books on Japan have been published during the past decade. In fact, there are so many interesting and useful resources available that teachers or librarians acquiring items for schools with limited budgets might well wonder where to begin. This article offers some guidance for those educators who want to acquire new materials on Japan for elementary and middle school students. By profession, elementary and middle school educators are cultural generalists—faced with the daunting...

Film Review, Resources

A Basketmaker in Rural Japan: The Book and Video

Through the fortuitous meeting of a highly skilled basketmaker, a dedicated collector and a discerning curator, a complete collection of beautiful handcrafted Japanese baskets has been preserved in the U.S. for future generations to study and enjoy. The baskets are the work of Hiroshima Kazuo, a professional basketmaker who resides in a small village in the southern part of Japan. From November 20, 1994 to July 9, 1995 Mr. Hiroshima’s works were exhibited at the Arthur Sackler Gallery of the S...


Museum Materials and Resources On Asia for Educators

The following is a list of fourteen major museums in the United States that offer resources and materials on Asia for educators at all levels. This list was compiled by Melissa Rockefeller, Education Assistant, Japan Society, New York. The Art Institute of Chicago Department of Museum Education 111 South Michigan Avenue Chicago, IL 60603-6110 312-443-7290 Contact: Jeanne Poole Slide packets; poster packets; computer programs; resource center; workshops for educators....

Essay, Resources

Kamishibai, Japanese Storytelling: The Return of An Imaginative Art

Many older Japanese have pleasant memories of the neighborhood storyteller whose tales of adventure and noble deeds brightened the lives of children everywhere in Japan. American children can now enjoy this imaginative activity. Kamishibai (paper drama) is a traditional form of Japanese storytelling that uses large color pictures to accompany a dramatic narration. This type of storytelling is enjoying a renaissance in Japan and has recently become available in English for use in schools and at h...

Columns, Resources

Constructing Teen Tokyo: Museums and Teaching About Asia

Teen Tokyo: Youth and Popular Culture, an exhibition at the Children's Museum in Boston, Massachusetts, represents the coming of age in contemporary Tokyo from the perspective of the teenager. Al­though designed for young Americans, it is instructive for all age groups. For those familiar with Japan, the exhibit evokes customs and manners that may be experi­enced only in Japanese culture. For people who have never visited Japan, the exhibit offers a context to view everyday objects and underst...