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Book Review Essay, Resources

China and the World Economy

The global impact of China’s rise, as presented by these informed and insightful authors, is counterintuitive. For educated people who lack expertise in international political economy, China’s rise is simply a great success. China will soon be the world’s largest economy. It is often described as the world’s factory. Its exports have allowed China to amass more than the equivalent of three trillion US dollars in foreign exchange, a feat that puts China in a class of its own. For these a...

Book Review Essay, Resources

Deng Xiaoping and the Transformation of China

This most important political biography of Deng Xiaoping argues that only Deng’s unique leadership strengths made China’s extraordinary economic rise possible. Senior scholar Ezra Vogel focuses on the period from 1969 to 1992. During Mao’s vigilante violence against and purges of people perceived as disloyal to Mao and his dogmas, a period known as the Cultural Revolution, Deng was sent to a rural factory, supposedly to review his political errors. Instead, Deng, Vogel finds, tried to figu...

Book Review, Columns

Political Rights in Post-Mao China Key Issues in Asian Studies, No. 2

Merle Goldman has produced a gem of a booklet on political rights in China. Lucid and accessible, it is vivid with human detail and historically rich. The booklet traces the heroic struggles of numerous Chinese over a long time, so that it is clear how much and how many Chinese wish to not to have to continue to endure the indignities of life under a cruel and arbitrary regime.