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Book Review, Columns

Encyclopedia of Contemporary Japanese Culture

Make no mistake about it, the operative words here are Contemporary Culture, with an unspoken Pop thrown in for good measure. The Encyclopedia of Contemporary Japanese Culture (ECJC) begins its investigation of contemporary with 1945, the end of World War Two, winding its way through the late 1990s. The volume includes over 750 entries, which can be accessed in a variety of ways: alphabet, index, theme, and cross-reference....

Book Review, Resources

Bridge to the Sun

By Gwen Terasaki NEWPORT: WAKESTONE BOOKS, 2000 272 PAGES Reviewed by Craig Loomis In the winter of 1930, twenty-three-year-old Gwen Harold left Johnson City, Tennessee, to visit an aunt in Washington D.C. for what she thought would be no more than two or three months. Little did she know that within a year, she would fall in love and marry Hidenari (Terry) Terasaki, a diplomat with the Japanese Foreign Office, and thus guarantee herself a “front row seat” to the approaching juggernaut o...

Book Review, Columns

The Name of the Flower

As much as any short story collection possesses a dominant mood or prevailing tone, Kuniko Mukoda’s tales of modern Japan, The Name of the Flower, embrace a sense of urban foreboding, of men and women moving through their daily rhythms and routines in a disturbingly listless, dispassionate way. The characters who haunt these stories are weary and spent, drained of any meaningful emotional energy whatsoever. They sit, watch and wait. Welcome to the world of Kuniko Mukoda....

Book Review, Resources

North Vietnam: Now Fiction and Essays from Hanoi

VIETNAM FORUM 15 Edited by Dan Duffy, with introductions and capsule biographies NEW HAVEN: YALE UNIVERSITY COUNCIL ON SOUTHEAST ASIA STUDIES YALE CENTER FOR INTERNATIONAL AND AREA STUDIES, 1996. BLACK AND WHITE PHOTOGRAPHS 275 PAGES Reviewed by Craig Loomis The Vietnam Forum and Lac-Viet are two publications that came out of the Southeast Asian Refugee Project which was initiated by the Yale Council on Southeast Asia Studies in 1981. Both series feature literary works on Vietnamese histo...