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Book Review, Resources

Seasons of High Adventure: Edgar Snow in China

By S. Bernard Thomas BERKELEY: UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA PRESS, 1996 XVIII + 416 PAGES To be successful, a biography must make the reader care about the subject. Whether people are depicted as angels, devils, gods or sinners, the reader must come to care passionately about them and what they do or what happens to them in the course of their lives. Some subjects loom large on the historic stage and by this means are an easy subject to attract the attention of the reader. The names are surrounde...

Book Review

Sweet and Sour: One Woman’s Chinese Adventure, One Man’s Chinese Torture

Like other books by Americans traveling to Third World countries, this book dwells too much on the discomforts and not enough on the local people. Travel accounts seem to be egocentric, telling us more about the writer’s peccadilloes and emotions than about the place being visited. The early chapters that relate the authors’ decision to go, preparations, and initial problems are a very long introduction to the real heart of the book. It is not until chapters 15, 16 and 17 that we finally lea...

Book Review, Resources

An Empire of Schools: Japan’s Universities and the Molding of a National Power Elite

BY ROBERT CUTTS NEW YORK: M. E. SHARPE, 1997 XV + 268 PAGES. Reviewed by Barbara Mori Education is the highest priority in all societies. It may be necessary to maintain a cutting edge in technology or to acquire the skills necessary to move out of the “third world.” Students, educators, and parents are all concerned about the quality of the education provided and the opportunities that access to education brings. The American school system is regularly studied and numerous authors debat...

Book Review, Resources

May Fourth Women Writers: Memoirs

Edited by Janet Ng and Janice Wickeri HONG KONG: RENDITIONS PAPERBACKS, 1996 133 PAGES Reviewed by Barbara Mori This slim volume introduces the reader to seven Chinese women writers from the May Fourth Movement of 1919. In a series of translated selections from their writings, readers learn that what moved women of the early part of this century is not much different from what occupies the thoughts and feelings of women now: love of family, friends and boyfriends; fear of rejection and succe...

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