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Website Resources: Tips for Searching Asia

We have all heard the expression “Google it.” Indeed, when most of us are looking for information on the Internet, that is precisely what we do: We enter search terms in Google and hope for the best. However, there are tips and tools that can help you become a more skilled Internet searcher, and this article includes examples that give you tools to understand options, focus your search, and improve your results. Google is the most popular search engine, and its features will be the focus her...

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Website Resources: Food, Culture and Asia

ASIA, GENERAL The Rhythm of Rice Production URL: The National Geographic Society, in its Xpeditions section, provides this lesson plan for young elementary school students about the importance of rice in the economy and culture of Asia. A link to a handout is also available. Food Timeline: Asian-American Cuisine URL: Short overviews of the history of Asian food in America are accompanied by reviews and quotes from p...

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Website Resources: History of Japan

Title: Ancient Japan URL: A view of the major events and cultural "concepts" of ancient Japan. The chronology ends with the Heian period, and the cultural topics include the music, writing, and arts of Japan;  there are sections on Buddhism as well. The audience for this page would be students who haven't studied Japan previously. Title: Asuka Historical Museum URL: The highlight of this site i...

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Website Resources: Asian Art

ASIA Title: Asian Art Museum of San Francisco URL: This museum with one of the largest collections of Asian art (over 12,000 objects) presents highlights of its collection on-line. There are bronzes, ceramics and jade objects from China, manuscripts and sculpture from Southeast Asia, and works from India, Iran and Korea, as well. Click on the graphic image and there will be a descriptive article for each item. Title: Pacific-Asia Museum URL: http://www.p...

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Website Resources: Asian Economics

ASIA—REGIONAL TITLE: UNITED NATIONS ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL COMMISSION FOR ASIA AND THE PACIFIC URL: A large number of documents pertaining to economic development are presented on this site. Among the highlights are an Economic and Social Survey for 1999, a four-volume document, “Integrating Environmental Considerations into the Economic Decision-Making Process,” and “Asia in Figures,” providing data for many Asian nations. TITLE: ASIAN-PACIFIC ECONOMIC C...

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Website Resources: Japan—Economics, Trade, Resources

ECONOMICS TITLE: KEIDANREN URL: HTTP://WWW.KEIDANREN.OR.JP/ Monthly policy statements, publications on the future of Japan, and recommendations for “good” corporate behavior with respect to the environment are just a few of the topics on this page. The highlight, perhaps, is the availability on this site of the well-known booklet published each year by the Keizai Koho Center, “Japan 1998—An International Comparison.” This booklet is an invaluable source of data on Japan. TITLE...

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