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2022 Retrospective: EAA Volume 27

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2022 Retrospective: EAA Volume 27

Thank you for your continued support of Education About Asia.

In 2022, we published volume 27 of EAA including the spring special section “Asia in World History: Comparisons, Connections, and Conflicts (Part 2),” the fall special section “Teaching Asia in Middle Schools,” and in the winter, our first non-thematic issue in 18 years! I am sincerely grateful and privileged to collaborate with EAA and AAS staff responsible for developing the journal, our graphic designer who finished her 27th year of service to the journal, and the contributors, referees, editorial board members, and readers who make all this possible. In this Digest, you will find brief summaries of a few of the many superb articles and essays published in 2022.


Lucien Ellington



  cover for Spring 2022 EAA issueSpring 2022

“Asia in World History: Comparisons, Connections, and Conflicts (Part 2)”
Zhuqing Li’s “Sisters and Enemies: A Story of Two Sisters,” an adaptation of her much-acclaimed book, is both an introduction to her excellent story of how China’s 1949 Civil War impacted families, and a pedagogical tool in its own right. “The ‘First Daughter’ in Asia: Alice Roosevelt’s 1905 Trip” is a fascinating account of the 21-year-old daughter of Theodore Roosevelt leading a diplomatic delegation with Secretary of State William Howard Taft to the Asia of 1905—a time of significant events on the world stage.


cover for fall 2022 EAA issue

Fall 2022

“Teaching Asia in Middle Schools”
Meet the authors of Our Story: A History of the World, a rare middle school world history textbook not created by a committee. The content is solid, and the prose is guaranteed to capture the attention of middle schoolers. Lovers of literature will appreciate that six Asia-related books featured in the issue won national awards.


cover for EAA winter 2022 issue

Winter 2022

Non-thematic Issue
Christopher Tong’s “‘Hong Kong is our Home’: Hong Kongers Twenty-Five Years after the Handover,” is a well-written and poignant account of the erosion of the freedoms that were so dear to many Hong Kong residents. Gandhi was a great man, but Chandar Sundaram’s “Trial at the Red Fort: 1945- 1946, The Indian National Army and the End of the British Raj in India” is a powerful and compelling account that dispels the popular notion that the efforts of the Mahatma and his followers were the sole, or even possibly the most important reason, for the end of British rule in India.

This article is from the January 2023 EAA Digest.

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