New AAS Initiatives in Chinese Art History

The Bei Shan Tang Foundation 北山堂基金 of Hong Kong has generously pledged financial support to work cooperatively with the AAS to create two exciting initiatives in the field of Chinese art history:

  • The establishment of awards to recognize and celebrate distinguished new monographs and catalogues in Chinese art history (see more information via the button below), and
  • The founding of the Association for Chinese Art History (ACAH).

The book prizes will be the first such awards dedicated exclusively to scholarship in Chinese art history, while ACAH will be the first and sole professional association dedicated to the field of Chinese art history. ACAH will operate as an official committee of the AAS and work with the East and Inner Asia Council (EIAC) to administer the book prizes.

These projects underscore the essential significance of art historical scholarship for Chinese Studies and Asian Studies, as a whole. They also reflect the ongoing efforts by the AAS to be a congenial and intellectually vibrant community for Asianists of all disciplines.