Luce Foundation Awards AAS $150,000 in Support of Urgent Projects

The Association for Asian Studies is pleased to announce that we have received a $150,000 grant from the Henry Luce Foundation to support new programs and publications responding to the needs of Asian Studies scholars in 2020. The challenges presented by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic have inspired new paradigms for research, outreach, and education on Asia. This funding from the Luce Foundation recognizes the importance of engaging with our membership and the public through new content and platforms.

Among the projects to be funded by Luce are two open-access volumes of Asia Shorts: one on the impact of COVID-19 on Asia and Asian Studies research, and the other on teaching about Asia in a time of global crisis. The open-access volumes will provide critical and timely perspectives on Asian Studies’ relevance to this contemporary context.

Luce support will also enable us to launch a new online series, “AAS Digital Dialogues,” for our members and the public. Digital Dialogue webinar sessions will cover important issues in the field of Asian Studies and professional development topics. Upcoming webinars will discuss “Asian Studies and Black Lives Matter,” “Asian Studies and the Global Health Crisis,” and “Asian Identities in 2020,” as well as sessions on preparing publications and conference presentations.

As the Association faces a paradigm shift in conferencing and networking, this Luce support will be fundamental to developing new platforms crucial to bringing Asianists together as a global community. The grant will also enable the development of new interactive educational content, which will augment the curriculum and pedagogical foci of Education about Asia. Last, but not least, Luce’s generous support will allow us to directly help our community through a membership sponsorship program. Luce will match every membership sponsored via donations throughout the rest of the year.

The Association for Asian Studies appreciates the continued generosity of the Henry Luce Foundation. Due to the pandemic and contemporary turmoil in the United States, we are evolving as an organization, bridging our long-standing academic contributions with increased community support and action. We are particularly grateful that, during a time in which many foundations and institutions are struggling, Luce thought of others and presented this opportunity so that organizations like the Association for Asian Studies can continue to thrive.

We have already begun work on the projects funded by Luce and look forward to engaging the membership and the world of Asian Studies in a meaningful and impactful way thanks to this support.