Members Serving Members: The Function of Representation in the AAS

Wednesday, February 8, 2023
4:00-5:30pm Eastern Time

The Association for Asian Studies exists to serve a global membership of Asianists of diverse backgrounds. Many positions on the AAS Board (such as President), councils, and committees are positions elected by the membership. This webinar aims to enhance member understanding of the nominations process and the function of representation in the Association. Current representatives of the AAS who have served in diverse volunteer capacities will discuss their experiences as representatives and detail the qualities that make an individual a viable candidate for service in the organization. This Digital Dialogues coincides with the timing of the open call for nominations. This presentation is free and open to all AAS members who register for the event. Following the live webinar, the video will be available on our website and Vimeo channel for public viewing.

Session Participants

Headshot of Kamran Ali

Kamran Asdar Ali

AAS President, 2022-2023

Peter J. Carroll

Chair, East & Inner Asia Council, 2021-2022

Photo of Eunsook Jung

Eunsook Jung

Chair, Southeast Asia Council, 2022-2024

Catherine L. Phipps

Chair, Council of Conferences, 2021-2023

Photo of Christine R. Yano

Christine R. Yano

AAS Past Past President, 2022-2023

Hilary Finchum-Sung (moderator)

AAS Executive Director