Meet Your Council: CIAC Open House

The China and Inner Asia Council (CIAC) invites its members to join us for an open house informational meeting where we’ll talk about what the council does, the structure of AAS governance, and how members might get involved in CIAC. Council members will talk about their experiences working with AAS and answer audience questions about all aspects of the organization. We will begin with general introductions, then break into small groups for discussion, and then come back into a general group conversation with time for additional Q&A.

Friday, July 31, 2020
6:00pm Eastern Time

CIAC Members

  • Jack Chen, University of Virginia, Literature (Chair)
  • Anne Gerritsen, University of Warwick, History
  • Tobie Meyer-Fong, Johns Hopkins University, History
  • Joanne Smith Finley, University of Newcastle, Anthropology
  • Patricia Thornton, Oxford University, Political Science
  • Yongming Zhou, University of Wisconsin, Anthropology
  • Peter J. Carroll, Northwestern University, History
  • Ching Kwan Lee, UCLA, Sociology
  • Yi-Li Wu, University of Michigan, Women’s Studies