Meet the Journal of Asian Studies Editor

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

7:00-8:30pm Eastern Time

Session 1 in the Summer 2022 “Meet the Editor” Series

This AAS Digital Dialogue session will be an opportunity to meet with Joseph S. Alter, the editor of the Journal of Asian Studies, to learn about the preparation of manuscripts for submission and the peer review process. Alter will begin the session with a brief overview of points that are outlined in a short document entitled “Guidelines for Publishing in the Journal of Asian Studies,” which you may access below. The document is designed to address many common questions that relate to publishing and to highlight key points that are especially relevant as you consider submitting your work to the JAS. Following this overview, the session will be structured around questions you are invited to submit in advance (you may submit questions when registering for the session, or through the button below). These may range from the practical and procedural to broader concerns about how the field of Asian Studies is changing, and how to conceptualize your work in relation to changes in academia more broadly.

Joseph S. Alter

Joseph S. Alter is editor of the Journal of Asian Studies and professor of anthropology and director of the Asian Studies Center, one of several U.S. Department of Education National Resource Centers, at the University of Pittsburgh. Born and raised in the town of Mussoorie in the Indian Himalayas, Alter attended Woodstock School before coming to the United States for college. He earned his Ph.D. at the University of California, Berkeley and is a scholar of South Asia whose research interests include health, medicine, gender, nationalism, and sport. He is author of numerous journal articles and book chapters as well as several books, including The Wrestler’s Body: Identity and Ideology in North India (University of California Press, 1992), Knowing Dil Das: Stories of a Himalayan Hunter (University of Pennsylvania Press, 1999), and Moral Materialism: Sex and Masculinity in Modern India (Penguin Random House India, 2011). Alter teaches courses in medical anthropology as well as Asian Studies and is the academic director of the “Pitt in the Himalayas” study-abroad program.