Meet the Asia Shorts Editor

Session 2 in the Summer 2022 “Meet the Editor” Series

David Kenley

Play the video above to access our recent AAS Digital Dialogue session featuring David Kenley, editor of the AAS Asia Shorts book series. Published by AAS in conjunction with Columbia University Press, Asia Shorts has a unique mission in our contemporary publishing environment. Kenley introduces the series and more importantly discusses how potential authors can prepare a manuscript for submission. Participants pose questions about Asia Shorts as well as the broader state of disseminating scholarship in a rapidly changing publishing industry. Open access, “pay to publish,” the explosion of social media, and the blurring of the boundary between trade texts and scholarly monographs—these are only some of the topics Kenley addresses in this important Digital Dialogue session.

David Kenley

David Kenley is editor of the Asia Shorts series and Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Dakota State University. Kenley earned his Ph.D. at the University of Hawaii in Chinese History, where he first became interested in such topics as migration, nationalism, and overseas identity. He is the author of numerous journal articles and book chapters as well as several books, including New Culture in a New World: The May Fourth Movement and the Chinese Diaspora in Singapore and Contested Community: Identities, Spaces, and Hierarchies of the Chinese in the Cuban Republic (co-authored with Miriam Herrera Jerez and Mario Castillo Santana). Most recently, he published a pedagogy volume in the Asia Shorts series titled Teaching about Asia in a Time of Pandemic. Because of his positive experience in publishing this text, Kenley eagerly applied for the position of Asia Shorts general editor, assuming that role in 2021. 

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