Call for Nominations: NEAC Distinguished Speakers Bureau

August 27, 2020

The Northeast Asia Council (NEAC) of the Association for Asian Studies (AAS) invites nominations for its established NEAC Distinguished Speakers Bureau (DSB). The NEAC DSB supports public presentations by scholars in Japanese and Korean studies for students and scholarly communities at American colleges and universities (for Japanese studies) and any U.S. and Canadian colleges and universities (for Korean studies), especially those without well-established programs on East Asia. The Japan-United States Friendship Commission and the Korea Foundation sponsor the NEAC DSB. NEAC is now seeking nominations (including self nominations) for scholars to serve as presenters for this speakers bureau.

NEAC plans to select 5-6 scholars in a range of disciplines in Japanese and Korean studies as NEAC Distinguished Speakers for April 1, 2021-March 31, 2024 (a three-year term). It is difficult to determine how often a NEAC DSB speaker will be invited, but each speaker can elect to set a maximum number of lectures that they are willing to provide each year, with 2-3 lectures as the maximum number per year being common. NEAC DSB speakers are provided a $500 honorarium for each public lecture/classroom visit engagement. NEAC DSB engagements are based upon successful host university NEAC DSB grant applications.

Each NEAC DSB scholar provides a short biography and summaries of three public lectures, based on their research on Japan or Korea, that they are willing to present. This information will be posted on the AAS website and publicized in venues like the AAS #AsiaNow blog, various social media outlets, and H-Net listservs. Colleges and universities are able to apply to host a NEAC Distinguished Speaker of their choice. Priority is given to institutions that have only a small group of Japanese or Korean studies faculty and are located far from well-established centers of East Asian studies. Each speaker is expected to give one formal lecture as well as interact with classes. In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, any nominated speaker needs to be open to virtual presentations and other engagements as long as campus visits are not allowed. The lecture portion of the virtual delivery can either be a synchronous lecture via a video conferencing platform or a pre-recorded lecture that would be made available upon request to the students and faculty of institutions. (The hosting institution will provide the video conferencing platform.) We would like to continue the “classroom visits” because we believe that these visits are invaluable to the students of institutions without an established program in Asian studies. The students are expected to have watched the lecture by the time of the speaker’s “visit.” Since in-person communication is at the heart of the DSB, lectures will not be distributed to institutions that are not willing to host a classroom visit. NEAC funds the honorarium for the DSB speaker. In the case of virtual lectures, there will be no local costs.

We welcome nominations of scholars (professors of all ranks and independent scholars with established records of publication) in all disciplines and in all time periods who specialize in Japan or Korea. We are particularly interested in scholars who are strong public speakers and who can present lectures that are accessible to a general audience and are based on the latest research in Japanese and Korean studies, as well as those who are also open to all synchronous virtual engagement or a hybrid of recorded lectures and synchronous engagement, according to the needs of the host institution. Only scholars who have not already served as a NEAC DSB speaker are eligible for nomination. Here is the list of former DSB speakers.

Nominations should consist of the name and full contact information of the nominee as well as a short statement (no more than 200 words) of the nominee’s qualifications for the NEAC Distinguished Speakers Bureau, including scholarly record and speaking skills (e.g., a link to a video of prior lecture). NEAC contacts nominees directly to confirm their interest in participation in the program and to seek additional information.

Self-nominations are welcome and should include full contact information, a current CV, the names of two references, and the titles and short descriptions (no more than 100 words each) of the three public lectures which the self-nominee would be interested in presenting as a member of the NEAC Distinguished Speakers Bureau.

Nominations and self-nominations are due by September 15, 2020 September 30, 2020 and should be sent electronically (in PDF or MS Word format) to the NEAC Chair, Akiko Takenaka, NEAC will notify all DSB nominees of selection/non-selection as a NEAC DSB speaker by the end of November 2020.

*Until the COVID-19 pandemic is brought under control and campus visits are allowed, the invited speaker will give lectures online and engage with students and the host faculty virtually. Thus, host institutions will not incur airfare and local expenses; however, NEAC will provide the honorarium. This situation will be updated as the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.
For more information on the Northeast Asia Council of the Association for Asian Studies and its programs, please see the main NEAC page.

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