“Writing the Supernatural into History” Graduate and ECR Online Symposium

The supernatural features in history and historiography as a phenomenon, an omen, a cause or consequence, a tool, or a re-purposing of historical memory. It can also be a silence, omitted through censorship or disbelief. In these diverse ways, the supernatural was an integral part of the pre-modern East Asian worldview.
This two-day symposium brings together graduate students and early-career researchers who are interested in history, historiography, and the role that the supernatural plays in shaping both. The aim is to promote discussion about how we as scholars talk about the supernatural, how we juxtapose ‘fact’ against ‘fiction’, and how we study the supernatural in national and regional context.
Please see the conference schedule for more details. 

Tham Chui-Jun
On behalf of The Graduate Association of East Asian Studies
An informal group of UK-based postgraduate students studying East Asia