The 12th International Conference on Hanzi Shufa Calligraphy Education

The 12th International Conference on Hanzi Shufa (Chinese Calligraphy) Education will be held via Zoom, July 16th -17th, 2021 (US EST). Sponsored and organized by American Society of Shufa Calligraphy Education, this conference explores the theories and practices of Chinese calligraphy education from interdisciplinary and cross-cultural perspectives against the background of globalization, digitization and internetization.

Featuring the overarching theme of “calligraphy without borders: a global approach and vision of hanzi shufa calligraphy education,” this conference aims to further promote crosscultural innovation and dissemination of hanzi shufa education and hanzi shufa art in pursuit of “win-win collaborations” in the era of globalization. Topics of the conference are:

1. Between the virtual and the real: hanzi shufa education and technological innovation in the era of digitalization and internetization.
2. Global classrooms; global endeavors: current situation and vision of hanzi shufa education overseas: opportunities, challenges, and strategies.
3. Calligraphy without borders: theory, practice and effectiveness of the globalized education and dissemination of hanzi shufa: teacher training, resource building, and disciplinary development.
4. Common ground with differences: aesthetic comparison and integration of hanzi shufa and Western art.
5. The brush vs. the bug: hanzi shufa education and emotional health amid the pandemic.

Conference format consists of keynote lecture, panel presentation, and Chinese calligraphy work exhibition. You are encouraged to participate in the conference by attending its events, presenting research, and/or exhibiting calligraphy work. Conference papers or Chinese calligraphy works are to be submitted, along with conference registration, to Inquiries concerning conference matters are to be sent to Deadline for registration and submissions: May 15th, 2021. Detailed information about online registration and submission is available at