Stanford-Berkeley Graduate Student Conference on Pre-modern Chinese Humanities

Initiated in 2014, the annual Stanford-Berkeley Graduate Student Conference on Pre-modern Chinese Humanities brings together graduate students from around the country and around the world who specialize in the pre-modern period to discuss innovative research on China.

The conference, alternating sites each year between Stanford and Berkeley, features up to fourteen competitively-selected graduate student presentations of original research on any aspect of pre-modern (technically, beginnings to 1911) Chinese humanistic culture, drawing on but not limited to the traditional disciplines of history, literature, religion, art, social sciences, and thought. We encourage proposals that explore new methodologies and critical perspectives, utilize recent developments in digital technology, or either reconfigure or cross disciplinary boundaries. This year’s conference will be co-hosted by the Center for East Asian Studies and the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures at Stanford University, on April 1-2, 2022 (Friday and Saturday). We are planning to hold an in-person conference, but those plans may change (to a hybrid or virtual meeting) depending on the COVID situation in the months ahead and university and local government regulations regarding group events in the spring of 2022.

The conference will cover lodging expenses for the conference presenters, who are encouraged to seek the coverage of transportation costs from their home institutions or other sources. Confirmed presenters who demonstrate that no such funding is available may apply for a travel subsidy.

Conference registration is free.

Interested students from all institutions within the U.S. and abroad must complete the online application form, including a required proposal of up to 800 words and a 1 to 2 page c.v. The link for the on-line application form is: It will soon be accessible through the website for Stanford’s Center for East Asian Studies. The proposal should explain the paper topic, identify the questions or problems to be addressed, and comment on the paper’s significance and contribution to the larger field of study. The deadline for application submission is November 26, 2021. Each conference has benefited from the presence of international students, as well as domestic ones.

Papers will be selected by a joint faculty-student committee of China specialists at the two institutions.