Reckoning with Race & Racism in Academic Medicine

The Department of the History of Medicine, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
The Center for Africana Studies, Johns Hopkins University
The Program in Racism, Immigration, & Citizenship, Johns Hopkins University


Molina Symposium on the History of Medicine

May 5th – 6th, 2022

The legacies of race and racism cast a long shadow on academic medical institutions today: ongoing scientific racism in medicine, unequal access to health care, the segregation of medical facilities, and the exclusion of African Americans and other racialized groups from medical education. Medical research and medical practice have not merely been incidentally affected by racism in broader society, but rather have been key sites for the production and reproduction of biological understandings of race. In order to develop more effective anti-racist responses to endemic health inequalities made so visible in the COVID-19 epidemic, medicine needs to fully confront these painful histories of structural violence.

This conference includes historians, sociologists, medical educators, medical trainees, advocates and activists from around the United States to work towards a more inclusive version of historical reckoning. Over two days, we will examine the centrality of history as a tool and as a method to understand the intersections of structural racism and health past and present, aim to build anti-racist curricula and commit to engaging with structural racism as a key aspect of medical training and policy change.

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