Oxford Hong Kong Forum — “The future of Hong Kong: Reimagining glocal citizenship”

Oxford University Hong Kong Scholars Association (OxHKScholars) is hosting our inaugural Oxford Hong Kong Forum, with the title “The future of Hong Kong: Reimagining glocal citizenship”, on 10–11 April 2021 9–2 pm (BST) virtually to foster discussions on and about Hong Kong. The cosmopolitan metropolis we call home is blessed with strong local identities. As we embrace our unique positions in the world, OxHKScholars organises this forum with the aim to attract both Hong Kongers and foreigners to learn about different aspects of Hong Kong through meaningful conversations.

Hong Kong has always been an ever-changing city for more than a century, vivid and energetic. Amidst some of the most significant social incidents in decades, Hong Kong once again finds itself at multiple crossroads. Rather than engaging in Hong Kong through a mere conceptual or academic lens, the Forum will put the spotlight back on Hong Kongers, the living, authentic, and individualistic Hong Kongers. The Forum, like a movie, will uncover untold Hong Kong stories and bring the focus back to its people – be it born-and-bred Hong Kongers, settled communities, transient migrants, or any international audience who holds interest in Hong Kong. Our panel speakers are all candid Hong Kongers coming from a diverse background spanning across multiple industries, age group, ethnicities, and timezones. They will each be telling their own uniquely inspiring stories to the world, yet they will all be orating the ever-evolving chronicle of the global Hong Kong citizens.

Aiming to provide a panoramic picture of Hong Kong, the event will be held in a conference style, consisting of plenary sessions, panel discussions, and talks on four main themes. For each aspect, there will be three sessions, each of which includes two to three guest speakers and a moderator. The four themes are: Hong Kong Culture and History, Hong Kong Environment and Sustainable Development, Hong Kong Society, and Innovation in Hong Kong.