Meet the Education About Asia/Key Issues in Asian Studies Editor

Session 4 in the Summer 2022 “Meet the Editor” Series

This AAS Digital Dialogue session will offer attendees a chance to be better positioned for successful publication in the AAS pedagogical publications, Education About Asia (EAA) or Key Issues in Asian Studies (KIAS), both edited by Lucien EllingtonIn order to make the Digital Dialogue session as effective as possible, potential EAA contributors are encouraged to visit the EAA homepage and review editorial guidelines and other relevant information.  Participants who are not familiar, or have limited familiarity, with EAA are encouraged to attend this Digital Dialogue session but it is important that they also visit the EAA online archives and read sample articles, teaching resource essays, and reviews in order to gain a better sense of the publication.

Readers interested in publishing a KIAS volume should first visit the KIAS homepage to learn more about the publication. It is highly recommended before attending this Digital Dialogue session that interested participants visit the Asia Shorts homepage in order to understand how these two publications differ in their mission statements, intended audiences, structure, and length. Time will also be set aside to address questions you are invited to submit in advance (you may submit questions when registering for the session, or through the button below).