Meet the Bibliography of Asian Studies Editor

This AAS Digital Dialogue session will be an opportunity to meet with David Magier, the interim editor of the Bibliography of Asian Studies (BAS) so you can get more familiar with the single most indispensable multidisciplinary resource for studying, teaching and learning about Asia at all levels. Dr. Magier will begin the session with a brief overview of the 65-year history of the BAS and how it has evolved into its current form as vast online database. He will talk about the scope and coverage of the BAS and show what makes it unique among research resources for scholarship on Asia, and how it provides access to essential content that would otherwise remain unknown or inaccessible. Dr. Magier will also give a glimpse into how the BAS is compiled, the roles of the Editor, the staff of Asia regional Associate Editors, and the BAS Advisory Board, the engagement with the international Asian Studies community of librarians and scholars, and how prioritization and strategic direction for the BAS are formulated. Finally, he  will outline new developments to expand the BAS and improve the functionality and efficiency of its operations and value to the field of Asian Studies. Some time will also be set aside to address questions.