Pakistan is a holy land for millions of Buddhist devotees around the world. The country is the birthplace of Mahayana Buddhism and patriarchs of the faith who preached Buddhism far and wide. Pakistan’s Gandhara region not only fostered the Mahayana Buddhism but it also became the cradle of the Gandharan Civilization. Gandhara is home to ancient and highly sacred Buddhist stupas in Peshawar Valley, Swat, Taxila and Islamabad. It holds the Buddhist heritage sites of unmatched significance for devotees, scholars and travelers.

The Silk Road Centre and Taxila Institute of Asian Civilizations, Quaid-i-Azam University are cohosting an engaging international conference on Buddhism in Pakistan along with an art festival and Buddhist site visits to promote the understanding and value of Pakistan’s Buddhist heritage that flourished here between the 3rd century BCE and 10th century CE.