Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations Asia Conference

The Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations will be organizing its 32nd Asia Conference in Hong Kong this August, with the spotlight now transfixed on challenges and opportunities in the Greater China and Asia-Pacific regions. How will inert institutions adopt to an ever-globalizing and ever-digitalizing population? How will office spaces and workspaces acclimate to a post-COVID world? And what do trailblazers and policymakers have to say about innovation and sustainability across the rapidly developing continent?

With the theme “Architects of Asia: Building Tomorrow”, HPAIR hopes to bring together global and community leaders, young professionals and changemakers — both current and future — to deliberate these issues over a 5-day forum at the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park. Join us from August 22nd to 26th, 2023 for lively firesides, thought-provoking keynotes and mind-bending impact challenges.

Applications are open until July 15th at my.hpair.org.