Digital Governance & Public Sphere beyond COVID-19: A Roundtable Discussion with Minister Audrey Tang

Join us for a live roundtable discussion on the relationship between digital governance, civic engagement, and the public sphere. Featured speakers include:

Audrey Tang, Taiwan’s Digital Minister
Jeff Hou, Professor and Director of Urban Commons Lab at the University of Washington, Seattle
Kevin Hsu, Senior Assistant Director at the Center for Liveable Cities, Singapore
Hendrik Tieben, Associate Professor and Director of the MSc in Urban Design program at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

With cities under lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic, digital governance has gained currency in addressing the public health crisis and enabling civic participation in the digital age. Looking beyond the pandemic, how does this emerging digital governance reshape the public sphere? How can digital governance address entrenched issues including social disparities and political divides? How can digital governance contribute to the democratic making of cities and communities?

This event will take place on Thursday, December 17th, 3:30am – 5am Pacific Time // 7:30pm – 9pm Taiwan Time

Please RSVP to receive an event invitation via email:

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