Chips and Chains: Trends in US-Taiwan Business

As US-China relations grow increasingly tense, Taiwan has found itself in the middle of a decoupling of the two largest economies in the world. Taiwan-based semiconductor firm TSMC has responded to the recent US CHIPS Act by building a new fabrication plant on US soil. Taiwan and the US are on the cusp of signing a major bilateral trade deal. Meanwhile, the global economy is still reeling from multiple years of supply chain disruptions from the COVID pandemic and its effects on inflation. How will these changes affect Taiwan’s businesses?

This conference invites experts from academia, think tanks, and industry to discuss Taiwan and US business trends. Three panels discussing the semiconductor industry, supply chains, and US-Taiwan trade will take place from Friday afternoon to Saturday morning. Ryan Hass, Chen-Fu and Cecilia Yen Koo Chair in Taiwan Studies at the Brookings Institution, will give the keynote address.

This event is hosted by the East Asia Center, the Foster Global Business Center, and the Taiwan Studies Program.

Registration is required to attend in person. Individuals without tickets will be denied entry at the door.