Changing dynamics of gender, family, and relationships in South Korea (1st Aug 2023 virtual writing workshop for graduate/early-career researchers)

We warmly invite graduate and early-career scholars from around the world who are qualitatively researching gender, family, and relationships in South Korea to a one-day virtual workshop on 1st August 2023. The goal of the workshop is to provide an opportunity for participants to share their research-in-progress and to give and receive constructive feedback on each others’ works (circulated in advance) as well as to network with like-minded people in similar stages of their academic career working on closely related topics.

While we are open to applications working on any topic relating to gender, family, and relationships in South Korea informed by a feminist perspective and using qualitative data and methodologies, we particularly welcome those focusing on the following areas/themes:
-Marriage, childbearing, and parenting
-Children’s perspectives and experiences
-Romance, friendship, and intimate relationships
-Alternative arrangements of care beyond the nuclear family and heterosexuality

Please send in your abstract of up to 500 words, including a preliminary title, topic, research question, methodology and the main argument by 15th March 2023. Participants whose abstracts are selected will need to send their writing by 14th July 2023 for circulation. You will have the opportunity to submit your work either as an extended abstract (around 3000 words including a motivation of the study, description of the analytic approach, and preliminary results) or a full paper (up to 9000 words including abstract, references, tables, footnotes, etc.), depending on the current stage of your research.

At the workshop, participants will give a 5-10 minute recap of their work. As our workshop aims to provide a friendly and constructive environment in which to develop ideas and work, all participants are expected to read and provide constructive and thoughtful feedback on the submission of a few other participants. Participants are also welcome to give comments on the other works based on presentations.

Key deadlines and details
Deadline for abstracts: 15th March 2023 Wednesday
Deadline for full papers / extended abstracts: 14th July 2023 Friday
Workshop date: 1st August 2023 Tuesday (time TBC)
Registration link:

The AAS Secretariat is closed on Monday, May 29 in observance of the Memorial Day holiday