CFP – Examining Facilitators and Barriers to Accessing Social Care in Ageing Asia

The British Academy-funded project seeks to bring together researchers at a joint workshop where access to (adult social) care is compared across “developing” (middle-income) and “developed” (high-income) countries and regions in ageing Asia.

The aim of the workshop is to develop the first conceptual framework of access to adult social care in Asia which allows for a systematic comparison across different development contexts. By comparatively examining access to social care in several cases, we seek to identify barriers, facilitators and dimensions of access to social care, and how these differ across development contexts and stages. The proposed output will be an edited volume which introduces the new mid-range conceptual framework and its empirical application to facilitate further theoretical development based on research in other continents and region.

Scholars working on an East and Southeast Asian country (or countries), who are interested in joining the workshop and contributing to the edited volume are invited to apply by sending in an abstract of 250 words (in PDF or WORD) about their proposed research contribution by 4 January 2023.

Subsequent steps: If selected, researchers will be given a brief conceptual paper covering initial theoretical assumptions about access to care in Asia as a starting point for further discussion. We will then meet during two online meetings to discuss ideas and practicalities of the workshop held at the University of Sheffield in autumn 2023 (Travel expenses to the workshop are covered for all selected participants up to a certain limit). Workshop draft papers (around 5,000 words) will be further developed for submission as part of an edited volume at the end of 2024.

Please submit abstracts as well as any other inquiries to Dr Christina Maags (