CALL for Papers, When Global East Meets Global South: East Asia & Latin America Conference

The Center for Global and International Studies, Center for East Asian Studies, and Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies at the University of Kansas are pleased to announce a call for papers for the “East Asia and Latin America” conference, to be held virtually on Friday, March 29th, at the University of Kansas, Lawrence. This interdisciplinary conference will bring together scholars from a variety of fields, including politics, history, economics, religion, anthropology, business, literature and the arts, to explore the historical and contemporary links between East Asia and Latin America and to rethink dominant narratives and knowledge production by the West and Global North.

We welcome individual papers or complete panels that will examine the historical and contemporary political, economic, cultural, and social interactions between East Asia and Latin America, and to explore how these interactions complement, complicate, or challenge such dominant narratives as the rich and the poor, East and West, and North and South based on Euromerican-centered binary thinking.

Papers can be delivered in English, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese. The event will be hybrid, with most sessions online. However, we welcome participants to visit us on our KU campus in Lawrence, Kansas, where we will have an in-person audience.

The due date for submission is February 20, 2024. Accepted panels or papers will be notified by March 1, 2024. You can submit individual paper and panel proposals at

If you have questions, please contact Professors:
Luciano Tosta (
Ayako Mizumura (
Megan Greene (