Beyond Borders: Trends in World Children’s Literature and Children’s Literature in Translation

A quick survey of recent scholarship reveals considerable gaps in the study of world children’s literature and children’s literature in translation. What is needed then is a widening of scope and encouragement to maintain the momentum that has been gained. Considering questions regarding local and ‘glocal’ poetics; viewing childhood through diverse socio-cultural lenses; expounding theories and definitions that extend beyond Western notions; and highlighting unique forms and genres, all offer ways in which the borders of world children’s literature and children’s literature in translation can be traversed. Besides, as we bear witness to the condition of contemporary childhood wherein children in numerous countries face on-going challenges such as war, strife, genocide, disease, and poverty, it further becomes imperative to foster such conversations and provide a platform to showcase various types of childhoods and their literatures. This conference aims to encourage academic and creative works that go beyond geographical and cultural boundaries to create a more inclusive space, revealing larger issues, trends, and innovations in children’s and young adult literature.
Topics may include, but are not limited to
• Canon studies and challenging the dominance of the Anglo-American canon
• Definitions and boundaries of world children’s literature
• Historical approaches to world children’s literature
• Post-colonialism and world children’s literature
• National and international politics in children’s narratives
• Mythologies, folktales and oral traditions
• War, asylum, and refugee narratives
• Native epistemologies and traditions
• Comparative children’s literature
• Approaches to and dilemmas of translating children’s literature
• Politics of language in children’s literature
• Language revitalization and preservation through children’s literature
• Use of world children’s literature in global education and pedagogy
• Transnational adaptations and new media (film, theatre, art, video games, and any other formats)
• International bodies and institutions of children’s literature
• World children’s literature and the global market
Please note these topics are suggestions, as we are open to proposals on any aspect of world children’s literature and young adult literature, and children’s literature in translation.

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