13th Kyujanggak International Symposium on Korean Studies, 2020

  • 11/06/2020 11/07/2020
  • #451 International Center for Korean Studies, BD103 Kyujanggak Institute for Korean Studies Kwanak-ro 1, Kwanak-gu, Seoul 08826, (Map)

For the 13th annual meeting, we plan to host four to five sessions as well as keynote speeches. We invite panel proposals and/or individual papers in any field of Korean studies. We are particularly interested in innovative and cross-disciplinary proposals that seek to discuss key issues in the field, including the current state of the field and future prospects for Korean studies. Broad East Asian perspectives including China and Japan are also welcome.

Preference will be given to research that is not yet contracted for publication; papers can then be considered for publication in any of the journals published by Kyujanggak, i.e., Seoul Journal of Korean Studies (SCOPUS/ESCI), Hanguk Munhwa (KCI), and Kyujanggak (KCI). We also plan to publish edited volumes based on selected conference papers.

For submission, please use online application form on the ICKS website. The submission is due on July 31, 2020. In case of panel proposals, please submit a proposal (500-word abstract in MS Word) and the information about the composition of the panel. In case of individual papers, please submit an abstract (500-word abstract in MS Word) and the presenter’s CV. This year, Kyujanggak offers travel awards to the authors whose papers are submitted to the International Symposium.

Preferences in awarding travel grants will be given to those who submit a full paper (approx. 6,000-7,000 words) with the application by July 31, 2020. The travel award includes a round-trip air ticket (max. of US$1,000 reimbursement for scholars from North & South Americas, Europe, Oceania, Africa and the Middle East; max. of US$600 reimbursement for scholars from Asia) plus a hotel room for three nights during the Symposium. Recipients of the award have an obligation to submit their research papers produced under this award to Seoul Journal of Korean Studies by the end of February 2021 after the International Symposium.

To facilitate the organization of the International Symposium, we would like to receive panel and/or individual paper abstracts first by May 15, 2020. For the purpose of applying for travel grant, the deadline for full paper submission remains the same.

The selection process will conclude by August 21, 2020 and notifications will be sent before the end of August.

The format of the International Symposium could be changed, depending on the COVID-19 related situation.

Event website


International Center for Korean Studies icks@snu.ac.kr (822) 880-9378

American Philosophical Association Meeting: Session on Indian Philosophy & Religion

  • 01/04/2021 at 9:10 am 01/08/2021 at 9:10 pm
  • New York Hotel Manhattan, Manhattan, NY Manhattan, (Map)

Call for Papers:
Topic: Ethical Discourses: East and West
American Philosophical Association
Eastern Division Meeting in New York
Society for Indian Philosophy and Religion Session
January 4-8, 2021
Abstract (150 words) due date: June 5, 2020

Deontological Ethics, Consequentialism, Divine Command Theory, Problem of Evil, Fatalism and Destiny, Justice and Compassionate God, Motivation and obligation, Virtue Ethics, Environmental Ethics, Karma, Fate and Justice, Freedom of Will and Karma Theory, Ethics and Society, Morality and Politics, Ethical Issues in a Pandemic, Morality and Politics, Dharma Ethics, Nyaya Ethics, Ethics of Non-Violence, Moral Dilemma in Great Epics, Self Defense and Just War, Conflict Resolution through dialogue, etc.

The list is suggestive and not exhaustive.
Please send your abstract to chandanachak@gmail.com
Final papers may be submitted for editorial review for publication in the Journal of Indian Philosophy & Religion (If the theme of the paper deals with topics relevant to the Journal).
The Society for Indian Philosophy & Religion organizes national and international conferences in USA and overseas.

Event website


chandana chakrabarti chandanachak@gmail.com (336) 417-1153